Benefits of Regular Roof Maintenance

Regular roof maintenance in Portland can extend the life of your roof by 30-50%. All roofs need to be periodically
inspected and maintained. We’re often asked about cedar shake roof maintenance as if those are the only type of roofs that need to be maintained.

While Portland’s cedar roofs have unique issues of their own, every type of roof will benefit from periodic maintenance.

The simple truth is that regular roof care is ALWAYS less expensive than roof repair/replacement brought on by neglect. It all starts with your free well-care checkup from Roof Life of Oregon.

impact of roof maintenance in portland home after 12 yearsPortland Area Roof Cleaning

Don’t worry, we’ll do the dirty work! Cleaning and protecting a roof is a dangerous job. One of our Portland area roof cleaning service technicians will be happy to do the difficult work for you. First, if there are any pre-existing conditions present, such as missing shakes, shingles, or tiles, or just a hole, we will suggest a preliminary repair.

Roof Washing – Some roofs, due to excessive growth and tree debris, require pressure washing. It’s an older technology which most roof maintenance companies still perform. Roof Life uses high-pressure water only in extreme conditions where absolutely necessary. Multiple pressure-washings over the lifetime of your roof will damage it and shorten its useful life.

portland roof cleaning on 12 year old cedar roofA Gentler Method
Roofs with heavy debris and moderate growth of moss and fungus can be maintained by compressed air, blowing off all
tree debris, repair, and application of a self-cleaning 5-year preservative.

Self-Cleaning – Roofs which sit in the open, and suffer from moss and fungus growth and direct sun
exposure, can be maintained with Roof Life’s exclusive self-cleaning products. (NO pressure-washing)

Roof Life has the exclusive license for the Portland area to use
Dennco Chemical Company’s patented shake, composition and tile preservatives. These chemicals are non-toxic, environmentally-friendly and highly effective at extending the life of your Portland roof by killing moss and fungus and keeping them from coming back. Portland roof cleaning has
never been easier than with Dennco!

How Often Do I Need A Roof Cleaning?

This is a common question from Portland homeowners. Every 3 years for Asphalt/Tile …every 5 years for Cedar, depending on your home’s unique environment.

Since 1983, Portland homeowners have told us:

  • They want their roof to LOOK GOOD.
  • They want their roof to WORK RIGHT.
  • They want their roof to LAST LONGER.

What does all this mean? Your home needs a sensible roof maintenance program.

portland roof maintenance before and after

Roof Life recommends a free well-care roof inspection
every 3 to 5 years to ensure that all three criteria are being met.

Roof Life is happy to inspect your roof for potential maintenance problems at no cost or obligation to you. And we only recommend repairs or replacement when absolutely necessary. If you need an inspection for a pending sale, we offer comprehensive real estate roof inspections for a fee.

We’ll remind you. After your first roof maintenance service, you can expect a well-care reminder every 3 or 5 years. The only thing you need to remember in between roof inspections is to call us if you hear a thud on your roof, see something out of the ordinary, or find shakes or shingles in your yard.

People living under and around trees will get a yearly reminder to have the debris blown off of their roof and out of their gutters.

Your Roof Inspection is FREE!

Our roof cleaners in Portland are the best in the business! Call us today or request your FREE well-care roof inspection.

Most Commonly Asked Questions Regarding Maintenance 

Q. How long until the WPC-R5 or RBC treatment starts to work? 

A. Our product is activated by the rain. As it rains you will notice dark water flowing into your gutters. This cleansing process is time released and takes 4-6 months. 

Q. What kind of roofing material do you use when repairing my roof: good, better or best? 

A. We only use premium grade 100% vertical grain shakes. Composition and Tile are selected to match your existing roofing material. 

Q. Is the treatment toxic? 

A. Absolutely NOT! All of our treatments are environmentally-friendly. It will not harm you, your animals, or your plants. 

Q. What is in your treatment that makes it work? 

A. Our products are a sodium silicate base with a cleanser and conditioner added. Because moss likes an acidic environment our products keep the P.H. of the roof at a neutral slightly alkaline balance preventing moss and fungal re-growth. 

Q. When will you be out to do repairs? 

A. As repairs are needed and approved we will be out within a couple weeks. Remember we work in routes by area and neighborhoods. 

Q. When will you be out to apply the treatment? 

A. Dry-low wind weather is a must before we apply the treatment to your roof. Because treatments are route and weather dependent we will always call you a day ahead. 

Q. When do I pay and receive my warranty? 

A. The office will send you an invoice in the mail after completion of each step of the process along with a copy of the warranty issued. 

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