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Roof Maintenance Checklist: Prep Your Home for the Fall Weather in Oregon

Posted September 12, 2019 by Patrick Morin
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The roof is one of the most critical areas of any Portland home. Unfortunately, many people neglect the maintenance of their roof until it is too late. While the cost of repairing or replacing a roof can be tens of thousands of dollars, a roof maintenance routine can cost as little as an afternoon of work. Running a roof maintenance company in Portland for over two decades has helped us develop a basic roof maintenance checklist for homeowners.


How Often Do I Need to Maintain My Roof

The easiest way to prevent costly damage to your roof is to create a roof maintenance checklist. Depending on the material your roof is made of, you will need to go through each step of the checklist every 3 to 5 years. Homeowners who have asphalt or tile roofs should do a routine check every 3 years. Cedar roofs can last up to 5 years without regular maintenance checks.

Maintaining your roof requires you to be proactive and maintain a routine. If that’s something that you don’t want to add to your plate, consider hiring a professional team to help. Roof Life of Oregon will provide a comprehensive maintenance check. We’ll answer all your questions, point out any problem areas and keep you out of harm’s way. Plus we’ll be there to remind you when your next maintenance check should be.

Keep your home, and more importantly yourself, safe. Get professional assistance from a roof maintenance company to maintain your roof. 

Consequences of Poor Roof Maintenance 

You might be wondering, “Does everyone do regular roof maintenance but me?” Unfortunately, the answer is no. For a number of reasons, homeowners often neglect their roof until the conditions get so bad that a repair or full replacement is the only option. 

A few common reasons we hear from Portland homeowners are lack of time, lack of understanding and different priorities. 

People live very busy lives. Investing time and money into maintaining your roof can be something you just don’t have time for. But with the help of a professional team like Roof Life of Oregon, you don’t have to worry about making time. We’ll do all the organization and coordination for you. 

Many of us also assume that our roof will always be there to protect us. But that’s the very nature of emergencies. When something goes wrong that you don’t have a plan for, it’s often dangerous, expensive or both. Regular maintenance checks on your roof ensures that you can stay ahead of any possible emergencies. 

The most common reason Portland homeowners don’t proactively maintain their roof is they simply don’t know they should. The average person will (hopefully) only replace their roof one or two times. They don’t know the dangers associated with not performing regular check-ups. Now that you know, it’s important to make it a priority. Don’t put it off until it is too late. 

Avoid premature wear and tear on your roof, leaks and costly replacements by implementing a proactive maintenance plan. We’ll even work with you to understand the steps of each maintenance check so you can take over the work, if you’d like. 

Just give us a call to learn more about your options. 

What Does Roof Maintenance Include?

To stay ahead of issues with your roof, there are a few factors to check. Consider the landscaping, gutters, tiles and shingles of your roof. Also keep an eye on the integrity of your chimney, skylights, roof flashing, attic and siding. 

Want Help from A Roof Maintenance Company in Portland?

Some roof maintenance issues cannot be seen from the ground or to the untrained eye. Weaknesses and leaks in your roof are particularly hard to spot without the proper experience. Working with a professional company will give you a detailed plan for maintaining your roof, plus the steps you need to fix any existing issues. And best of all, our well-care checkup for your roof is free!

Roof Maintenance Checklist

Keep yourself protected. Check these items regularly to maintain your roof. 


Big trees with long branches can puncture large holes in your roof or prevent moisture that causes leaks to dry properly. Always be sure to trim the trees surrounding your roof to prevent damage over time. 

tree damage to roof
Cherry tree interfering with roof


Blocked gutters create standing water on your roof, which can lead to leaks or other issues. Especially during the fall months, it’s important for Portland homeowners to clean their gutters consistently.

oregon gutter debris
Debris dam in gutters


Cracked tiles and warped or lifted shingles are all indicators that a much larger problem could be happening on your roof. Any damaged tiles or shingles on your roof should be identified and repaired as soon as possible to prevent costly damage.

Cracked roof tiles


The seals between your chimney and your roof are some of the most vulnerable areas. Regularly check for cracked bricks or seals and any other damage that could allow moisture or other elements to seep into your roof.

incorrect chimney flashing
Incorrect chimney flashing

Roof Flashing

Roof flashing acts as a sealer between the joints of your roof and helps keep the water out. Any torn or damaged flashing makes you much more susceptible to leaking. Make sure to thoroughly investigate each piece of roof flashing. 

Incorrect roof flashing


One of the ways you can check for roof issues is in your attic. Use a flashlight to do a sweep through your attic, looking for any signs of water damage and other leaks. 

bathroom venting into attic
Bathroom venting into the attic


Similar to your attic, siding is also a great place to check for roof damage. Look for water damage and any signs of leaking if you don’t have a ladder or other tools to get on top of your roof. 

As always, if you don’t have time to complete a roof maintenance checklist for your roof, you can contact Roof Life of Oregon for a free roof inspection. We will give you all the information you need to keep your roof maintained, protecting you and your home. 

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