There are few basic things to look at when you’re choosing the material to put on your roof. One of the most important ones to think about is the impact your environment will have on the material. Do you live in a heavily treed or high-moisture area? Does it get really hot? That’s why we at Roof Life of Oregon are here- to help you decide what roofing material will best suit your environment.

Certain roofs just do no belong in certain environments. If you have a very hot environment, an asphalt roof would be difficult to live with. If you have a house under heavy debris, then a shake roof may not be best for you. It’s all about looking forward and being able to foresee the possible maintenance issues your home will face.

The reason Roof Life is so good at helping you choose your roof is that we are primarily a maintenance company. That’s what we do; we maintain people’s roofs. We know the impact that an environment has on a roof and how expensive it will be to maintain it. If you have the wrong material on your house, you could end up spending way more money than you ever should.

Ultimately, you make the decision based on your goals and what you want your roof to look like. But we are going to come out, assess your environment, and give you recommendations. If you want that expert Roof Life advice, just give us a call. We’d be happy to come out and help you choose your roofing material.



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