Types of New Roof Estimates Portland

Get More Than Just a New Roof

roof replacement estimate leads to an orderly construction siteOur roof replacement procedures certify that you will receive the best and safest choice in the roofing of your Portland home. When you get your roof replacement estimate, we guarantee:

  1. A non-disruptive, professionally staged job site tailored to your busy lifestyle, protecting your home and its surroundings from the re-roofing process.
  2. We clean up DAILY, so your home stays approachable, usable and safe during your re-roofing project.
  3. We always use lifetime pipe flashing. (Regular no-caulk pipe flashings wear out in 12-13 years.)
  4. We always install 2-4 permanent safety hooks on 2 story and steep sloped roofs. There is no such thing as a maintenance-free roof. You will appreciate the safety and cost savings in the future.
  5. We update all of your ventilation (can vents/ridge vents) properly calculated for maximum life of your Portland roof.

Portland Reroof Follow-Up Visits

After we replace your roof, we will not simply disappear. We will be back in the 2nd year and again in the 5th year to inspect your roof. This is done both to make sure our work is holding up and to help determine the level of maintenance your roof will need to continue to look good, work right and last even longer.

Cedar Shake Roof Replacement in Portland

Because of our history with the Portland area’s cedar roofs, we have a special love for renewable, efficient and beautiful cedar. Properly designed and installed, a cedar roof in Oregon is capable of providing 30, 40 or even 50 years of VERY reliable protection.

Unfortunately, entire neighborhoods in our area were constructed using what we call “builder grade” cedar roofs, with lightweight felt underlayment, inferior quality shakes and less-than-perfect workmanship. They looked great for a few years (long enough to sell all the houses) but are now quickly deteriorating.

The worst part is that it causes people to think that a cedar roof is the problem and they go looking for a roof replacement estimate from a company that frankly just doesn’t know much about cedar roofs. If you live in such a neighborhood, please don’t despair! It’s not the cedar’s fault!

We know the right way to replace or install a cedar roof for the Oregon climate. If your home was designed to show off a beautiful cedar roof, you should visit with us before you decide to give up on cedar and switch to another type of roof. We’re a Portland Roofing Contractor that cares about the quality and presentation of your roof.

Roof Replacement Cost Portland, Oregon

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Unsure About the Condition of Your Roof?

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to let you know exactly how much life is left in your roof.

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