stubborn mossIf you live in the Portland area, chances are you’ve stood in your driveway and looked up at your roof, only to find some sort of moss growing. At Roof Life of Oregon, we’ve spent the last thirty-four years helping our clients distinguish between different types of moss to come up with a plan to maintain each individual roof.

Roly-Poly Moss
Roly-poly moss can really drive you crazy. It likes to grow on the butt ends of shakes, tile, or on asphalt shingle roofs. It’s very noticeable and at certain times of the year can be bright green and almost glowing. Roly-poly moss is trying to get underneath the shingles and lift them off of their mastic strip. When this type of moss is allowed to develop, it ruins your roof and causes you to have to prematurely replace it.

Spindly Moss
Spindly moss is a little bit harder to see unless you’re looking for it, but it’s a type of moss that’s rooted in the shingle and is actually eating it away. It doesn’t have the lifting power that the roly-poly kind does, but I’ve seen it disintegrate an entire shingle.

You’ll see it a lot when you allow the trees to hang over the roof; Japanese maples, laceleaf maples, or any kind of birch trees will grow and that spindly type of moss will grow right along with it. What do you do when a ten by twenty-foot section of the front of your house is eaten alive? You end up having to replace the entire front section of the house. It becomes a big deal to manage that type of moss on a roof.

Furry Moss
The last kind of moss that we deal with is furry moss; you mostly see this on wood roofs and occasionally on tile. It usually has leaves growing along with it. Furry moss is very different than roly-poly and spindly because it’s growing on rotted wood. It generally means your roof has some wet rot. It starts from the bottom of the shake in areas of high-moisture and shade. If you have this fuzzy moss, it’s a sure sign of decay.

At Roof Life of Oregon, we may seem a little fanatic about moss, but we take the well care of your roof very seriously and moss is not to be taken lightly. When you call us, you’re going to get an expert who will do an on-roof inspection. We’ll give you a system or product designed for your roof that’ll keep moss of all types away so that your roof can stay healthy and strong.

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