Yesterday we posted a photo of a bad roof install and challenged you to find the bad run. Take a look at the image one more time below and then we will reveal the answer below.

How’d you do? Unfortunately for this homeowner, the bad run is actually a trick question. On this roof there are three bad runs which are highlighted in gold. You should not be able to see the seams on a roof, which are the source of the problem, and highlighted in red.

This is what happens when you hire a roofing contractor that doesn’t know what they are doing. We have experience installing all types of roofing materials since 1983 to ensure bad runs are non-existent on your roof. If you’re getting ready to replace your roof give Roof Life of Oregon a call at (503) 925-0125 or complete our roof replacement estimate form. We challenge you to find a roofing contractor that will make your roof look good, work right, and last longer than ours.

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