Installing a new roof is a huge investment. It’s important to do your research, get all of your questions answered, and be clear on payment plan.

Do Your Research
Before you even consider a company, make sure to do your research. The Better Business Bureau says eight out of ten companies fail in their first ten years of business. I’m not saying they are all bad companies, but you want to be sure you can count on them throughout the life of your roof.

Understand Your Bid
Don’t take any job at face value. You want to understand what’s going to happen during the project from start to finish. Don’t assume anything.

Ask All Your Questions
No matter how small or weird you think the question is, you need to ask it. Are they going to protect your rose bushes? You know your home better than anyone and you have different wants and needs than your neighbor. So ask and get your answers before installation begins.

Clarify Your Payment Schedule
Never pay upfront for a home project. A deposit is great; it puts skin in the game for both parties. But you want to have a payment schedule set up for after the project is complete. Are you going finance? Will you pay cash, credit or check? Be sure you have an agreed upon schedule prior to the start of the project so there are no surprises for anyone.

If you call Roof Life of Oregon, we’ll make sure you complete all four of these steps, and your roofing process will be a smooth one.


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