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Roof Life of Oregon specializes in helping the homeowners of Oregon stay safe under a beautiful roof. For years, we have taken great pride in installing, maintaining and repairing the roofs of our neighbors, friends and community members. If you are a West Linn resident looking for a roofing company you can trust, look no further than Roof Life of Oregon.

Roof Repair, Maintenance, Replacement and More in West Linn 

Knowing the condition of your roof is an essential part of homeownership, yet it is one that is overlooked by many new owners. Whether you’ve just moved in, or you’ve owned your home for decades, it’s important to know everything about the integrity, structure, and condition of your roof. Take a look at the various services that Roof Life of Oregon provides to homeowners like you.

Roof Repair In West Linn

Most roofs will remain in good condition for about 20 years, depending on the material and the natural elements that affect the home. Different materials will last longer, some do better in different weather conditions, but a quality roof, installed correctly, and maintained consistently, should last for about two decades. 

While it’s easy to know the age of your home, what’s not so easy to understand as a homeowner is how well it has been maintained over those years. That’s where we come in. Roof Life of Oregon experts will visit your West Linn home as a proactive step to protect you and your belongings from a damaged roof. Here are just a few of the services we provide to our customers. 

Roof Maintenance In West Linn

Regular roof maintenance is essential for all homeowners. It prevents most major roof disasters and helps protect you against unexpected costs. But many homeowners aren’t always clear on all of the factors involved in regular roof maintenance. Here’s what we advise our customers to do. 

First, set a schedule for regularly cleaning your gutters, making sure there is a clear path for water and other objects to move from your roof to the ground. You should also be checking the integrity of your roof. If you don’t want to deal with the inspection yourself, or you aren’t sure what you’re looking for, you can call us. Professional roofers will come every 5 years to inspect your roof, providing information on problem areas, areas to keep an eye on, and a certificate that guarantees your roof for 5 years. We’ll do whatever repairs are necessary to keep any small problems from becoming major ones. 

West Linn Roof Replacement

At some point, all homeowners must completely replace their roof. It’s an inevitable part of homeowning, but it doesn’t have to be an unexpected cost or something that causes a headache for you and your family. Whether a full replacement is necessary simply because of time, or because the roof has been neglected, having a team of experts to help throughout the process can make it much easier.

 At Roof Life of Oregon, we are trained to suggest the best materials for your budget and the aesthetic you’re looking for in your home. We make sure to dispose of your existing roof in the right way and install your new roof with guaranteed excellence. Simply tell us what you’re looking for, and we’ll make a plan for your West Linn home to achieve the look you want with the protection you deserve. 

West Linn Asphalt Roofs

The material on your roof determines more than just the look. It also determines how you’ll maintain it and how long you can expect it to last. Many West Linn homeowners choose asphalt roofs for their homes during a roof replacement. The major benefit of an asphalt roof is cost — it is one of the least expensive materials to cover your home with. Additionally, asphalt works well as a waterproof barrier. However, one thing to consider is that it doesn’t last as long as some other material options. Depending on your priorities, an asphalt roof might be the best choice for you.

West Linn Tile Roofs

You may want to consider a tile roof for your West Linn home. While tiles are a more expensive option, they do give your home a more refined look that can’t be achieved with an asphalt roof, for example. Homeowners looking to sell their home soon might want to pick tile when completing their roof replacement. Choose from tiles made from terracotta, slate, or even concrete. If you’re looking to make a major upgrade to the curb appeal of your home, as well as provide protection against the Oregon elements, ask a roofing expert about your tile options. 

West Linn Shake Roofs

brava roofing composite tiles

A third option to consider is a shake roof. This is one of the most popular options for new homeowners because shake roofs tend to last the longest. In the past, shake roofs were made of wood shingles, but today, you can also find tiles made of asphalt, fiberglass, and many other materials. Homeowners prefer shake roofing because it gives their home a stylish look, while also providing ultimate protection against rain, fire, and other natural elements. If you’re looking for an option that is practical without compromising the look, ask your Roof Life of Oregon expert about installing a shake roof. 

West Linn Roof Inspections

Whether you need a roof repair, replacement or just have general questions about how to maintain your roof, the entire process starts with a roof inspection. One of our knowledgeable roofing professionals will visit your home to thoroughly inspect every inch of your roof. We’ll give you a comprehensive report on the state of your roof, plus answer any questions you have about how you can be proactive about the upkeep of your roof. 

Make sure that your home is protected and save yourself thousands of dollars in unexpected costs by scheduling your roof inspection today. 

Why Choose Roof Life of Oregon

There may be other options when it comes to maintaining your West Linn roof, but we are sure that no other place will care as much as we do at Roof Life of Oregon. As members of the community, we take pride in the superior quality of our roof repairs, replacements, and inspections. Each of our roof experts prioritizes your experience so that you are never inconvenienced or unsure of what comes next in the process. We want you to feel confident in your roof and the team of experts working for you. 

If you’re looking for a team that is as knowledgeable as they are kind and proactive, Roof Life of Oregon is the choice for you. Contact us today to experience the difference for yourself. 

Other Areas We Serve

If you are an Oregon homeowner but don’t live in West Linn, we are still here to help! Check out the list of areas we serve. 

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