To become a Roof Life of Oregon client, you must receive a Well Care checkup for your roof. Our No-Leak offer is a warranty stating that our trained roof inspector has walked your roof and has checked all the roofing material, all of the associated components that work with the material, and all of the transition metals. (This is a big deal as most of the maintenance “type” companies never get on your roof). Every roof is different, every roof needs a checkup.

Upon completion of needed repairs we offer a whole roof no-leak warranty. We guarantee that if you have a leak in your roof and it is due to our oversight in our inspection or a failure of a replaced component we will come out and fix your leak for free along with any damage it has caused on the inside of the home. This is what we call our whole roof, inside and out no-leak warranty.

No other roofing company in Portland has the muster or history to offer anything close to this level of protection. It’s a Roof Life of Oregon original developed right here in Portland. Since 1983, Patrick and his team work has figured out this roof thing. Without a doubt, maintenance costs less than neglect.

See written warranty for limits and explanation of associated warranty costs.

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