Over time, all roofs are at risk of leaking. When it comes to roof leak repair in Portland, homeowners need to be especially careful because of our increased exposure to the elements. The damp climate, the surrounding wildlife, and beautiful trees are all a potential threat to the integrity of our homes. 

The best way to prevent an expensive and unexpected roof leak is to regularly maintain your roof. Cleaning your gutters, checking on any cracks or bends in shingles and tiles and scheduling expert inspections can all help prevent any major roof leak repairs. The team at Roof Life Oregon is available 24 hours a day, 7 days a week to answer any of your questions or schedule an inspection at a time that is convenient for you. 

If you are worried about a potential roof leak that needs repair services, give us a call at 530-217-6093.

Roof Life’s No Leak Warranty 

We expect a superior level of knowledge and attention to detail from all of our team members. Because of this, we are able to offer a No Leak Warranty to all of our clients. Someone from our team will complete a Well Care checkup where they inspect every inch of your roof, including all of the transition metals. 

After completing any necessary roof leak repairs, we will issue you a No Leak Warranty. It’s our guarantee that any leak in your roof that results from an oversight in our inspection or failure to repair the leak properly, we will fix for free. Plus, we will cover any damage that occurred inside your home due to the leak. This is what we call our whole roof, inside and out no-leak warranty. For full details, please visit the Roof Life No Leak Warranty page or give us a call at 530-217-6093.

With a guarantee this strong, the only risk you have is neglecting your roof and not trusting a Roof Life of Oregon professional. 

Emergency Roof Leak Repair Portland

An emergency leak doesn’t always look like a huge hole or a steady stream of water. Of course, trees or other objects can puncture holes in your roof during a storm. That is an immediate cause for concern, but there are other, less obvious signs to look for.

Check the seams of your doors and windows for drips of water. If the roof is leaking, the stream of water can ruin your molding, plaster, and paint. Water that drips down the wall can also short the electricity in your house, leaving you without power and with an expensive repair bill. 

Strong winds can also blow shingles and tiles off your roof, exposing you to the threat of leaks in the future. If you notice any of these things, you have an emergency leak and should call us immediately. We’re here to answer 24 hours a day, 7 days a week. 

Fix Your Leaky Roof in Portland, OR

If you think that you might have a roof leak that needs repair, or you just want peace of mind that your roof is properly maintained, give us a call. We can schedule our inspection during a time that works best for you. Our trained roofing team will give you all the information you need to keep your home safe and your costs down. Call us today at 530-217-6093.

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