Moss removal in Portland is essential to the maintenance of your home. The Roof Life process is like all of our services. We do our best to be thorough, efficient and clean so that your daily life is not interrupted.

The first step is to prepare the roof by removing any debris, including inside your gutters. 

The next step is to treat your roof with one of our two special roof moss treatments. Each is designed for your specific roof type. Whether you have a wood shake, asphalt shingle or cement tile roof, we have a specially made treatment to remove all the moss and prevent it from returning in the future. 

Most importantly, all of our roof moss treatments are non-toxic, environmentally-friendly and fast-acting chemicals that extend the life of your roof and keep you protected. 

Types of Roof Moss in Portland

Owning a home in Portland offers an endless list of advantages. One of the only disadvantages, really, is how susceptible we are to moss growth on our roofs. The mixture of damp environments and ample shade created by trees creates the perfect growing environment for moss. 

The three most common types of roof moss that Portland homeowners have to deal with are roly-poly moss, spindly moss, and furry moss. The names might sound sweet, but all three are warning signs that you have significant roof problems. 

Roly-poly moss grows on shakes, tiles and asphalt shingles most often. It’s the most noticeable type of moss, sometimes glowing bright green, and it works under the shingles to rip them off its mastic strip. This is especially important to know because the lifted shingles will allow more moisture to seep below the surface and cause other major problems like roof leaks or rotting wood. 

Spindly moss is a little harder to see, but it’s dangerous because it works to eat away at the shingles on your roof. Some houses see their shingles disintegrate entirely if the moss isn’t treated fast enough. In this case, you’re more likely to get holes in your roof, especially if any surrounding trees can hit against your roof during windy days. Obviously, repairing a hole in your roof is a way bigger problem than moss treatment. 

Finally, furry moss is what we see most often and is the most dangerous, in our opinion. Furry moss only grows on rotting wood and some tiles. So, if you can see furry moss on your roof, the chances are your roof is in bad shape and needs immediate treatment. If you ignore furry moss for long enough, chances are good that you’re going to need an entire roof replacement rather than just moss treatment. 

Call us today if you see signs of roof moss on your home. We can get it treated quickly and help prevent any further damage. 

Moss Control

The best way to control roof moss is to make a habit of regularly scheduled roof maintenance services. Depending on the type of roof your home has and how old it is, you should get a maintenance check on your roof every 3 years for composition and 5 years for shake roofs. Each situation is unique and depends upon how much debris is around your home. Some homeowners neglect their roofs for decades, which is when the major repairs and complete roof replacements are necessary. 

Some simple things that you can do on a more consistent basis to prevent roof moss are cleaning your roof of debris and keeping your gutters clear. Moss tends to grow where there is no direct sunlight and poor air circulation. Try to trim the trees surrounding your roof so air can flow freely and the sun can hit all areas of your roof. 

Dangers of Roof Moss for Portland Homes

If this sounds like a lot of work, we want to remind you of the potential dangers you face by ignoring roof moss. As we mentioned, fuzzy moss, the most common kind, feeds off of rotting wood. When you see it on your roof, it means that part or all of your roof is rotted and needs to be replaced. The longer you ignore it, the more costly the repair services will be and the longer it could take. 

Even if you have roly-poly or spindly moss, you’re putting your home in danger of roof leaks, holes and other dangers. Roof moss treatment is a quick and simple fix that could save you thousands of dollars compared to replacing your entire roof when the issues get out of control. If you’re concerned about any roof moss, call our team and we can tell you the steps you need to take to keep a roof over your head. 

The Roof Life of Oregon’s No-Moss-Growth Warranty

At Roof Life of Oregon, we believe in doing the job right the first time. Our roofing team is highly trained and skilled in moss treatment and roof repairs. We’re so confident in our process and our special moss treatments that we offer a No-Moss-Growth Warranty to our customers. 

Our coverage basically ensures that you will not see regrowth in moss for a specific time period, determined by your individual roof and the conditions surrounding your house. Because every home is different and every roof faces unique elements, we can’t offer a standard time limit in our coverage. However, all of our customers get a no-moss-growth guarantee. Some homeowners may be required to have their roof cleaned of debris more frequently in order to qualify for coverage, but your roofing expert will explain all of that to you.

If you do see moss growth under our warranty, we will come out and treat your roof again at no additional charge. 

Find out more, and get a free roof inspection today. We are happy to come to your home and give you all the information you need on moss removal in Portland.

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