Rooflife of Oregon: Qualified to Reduce Your Energy Costs

Rooflife of Oregon is one of the few Green roofing contractors in the state of Oregon.

Poor ventilation is causing 9 out of 10 roofs in the United States to age prematurely.

Here are the problems:

  1. Excessive heat build-up in your attic is aging your roof faster than it would age naturally.
  2. That same heat is causing your air conditioner to work overtime in the summer.
  3. In winter, trapped moisture in your attic is growing mold and damaging structural elements and drywall.
  4. The mold and fungus may also be the source of seasonal allergy and respiratory issues in your home.

You count on your roof to protect your family from the harsh sun and nasty weather. Most homeowners think that a leak is the only symptom of a roofing problem. The attic and ventilation are key components of a roofing system.

What are the warning signs of an energy-wasting roof?

  • High heating/cooling bills
  • Allergies or respiratory issues such as coughing, sneezing, or eye and nose irritation
  • Your roof has dips in the plywood between rafters when you look at it from the ground
  • When you look in your attic, on the ceiling there is mold or mildew growing (usually white, sometimes black) Both are bad.
  • The upstairs is much warmer than the downstairs in your home

Improperly ventilated, the roof you expected to last years may be withering away… and you just haven’t noticed it yet.  In fact, your roof’s lifespan could be cut in half!

The Solution? It starts with an expert inspection.

A RL Green Roof Inspection from Roof Life of Oregon will give you the peace of mind to know that your roof is ventilated, insulated and maintained in perfect shape for Oregon’s unique climate.

Here’s what we’ll do when we visit your home:

  • We’ll go inside your attic and inspect your insulation. Often, attic insulation has been improperly installed and is actually blocking critical soffet vents.
  • If your insulation is inadequate, we’ll tell you.
  • If your insulation is blocking your vents, we’ll clear them.
  • We’ll measure your intake ventilation.
  • We’ll measure your out-flowing ventilation.
  • If you’re inflow and outflow aren’t balanced, we’ll recommend the best way to remedy the situation.
  • We’ll also inspect your roof from the outside, to make sure you don’t have any developing problems with debris, moss, missing shingles or tiles, broken vents, flashing or drainage issues.

Roof Life of Oregon is a Green Roofing Contractor in Portland

Why is it important to have a company that is Green?

  • Staff is trained to detect deficient ventilation issues/solutions
  • Roof treatments have no pollutants to the environment
  • Green Roofing Contractors recycle all materials
  • Their focus is to leave the lowest possible carbon foot print
  • They are educated and conscious of Green roofing options

When we repair or install your roof, we follow a procedure that ensures all components are installed correctly and that your roof and attic are properly ventilated.

What are you waiting for? Ask about our RL Green Roof Assessment when you request your roof inspection.