Here’s the short version:

  1. Your original roof isn’t going to last much longer.
  2. You need to start considering your options.
  3. Asphalt costs less up front but grows moss faster than cedar.
  4. Cedar offers long-term curb appeal, is green and renewable.
  5. Rooflife of Oregon installs BOTH types of roofs.
  6. We’ll come inspect your roof, give you a realistic idea of how much longer it will last and happily discuss your options.

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Considerations About Roofing Options

Considerations before Going Asphalt
– Would it surprise you to know that the carbon footprint on an asphalt shingle roof is three times a cedar shake roof? Would it surprise you to know an asphalt shingle roof is one of the highest cost per day roofing materials that you can buy? Two Words: Roof Envy. Any new roof will look better than a roof on its last leg. However, nothing compares to the environmentally sustaining, low cost maintenance, and natural appeal of a cedar shake roof.

Less Maintenance – How much maintenance do you want to perform on your roof? A cedar shake roof requires the least amount of maintenance and is the lowest cost per day, over the lifetime of the roof. If you’re tired of your old shake roof, and are considering switching to asphalt, consider this: you won’t get out of performing regular roof maintenance. In fact, you’ll need to have your roof treated every three years instead of every five years to maintain a healthy roof. The original builders of the West Lake development put a shake roof on your home because of its natural appeal and beauty. What they didn’t tell you is there are thirty-two different grades of cedar shakes. Unfortunately, you received the lowest grade, a.k.a “The Cheap One.” By using the lowest quality shake on your roof, the home builders gifted you a shortened lifespan and more maintenance that you expected. No wonder you’re disappointed in cedar.

Better Appearance – How much of your roof makes up the appearance of your home? You need to consider all aspects of a roofing system and not just what it looks like when it’s brand new. New roofs always look amazing when compared to a withered roof, in particular when the new roof is a Presidential style asphalt roof. The question is, what will that roof look like in two, three, or even five years? The West Lake community is the perfect environment for moss to grow, especially on asphalt roofs. Moss loves asphalt. Even if immaculately maintained, it will never look as good as the day it’s installed. Nothing looks better than a thick, high quality, and properly maintained cedar roof. It exudes a sense of elegance and gives an authentic Pacific Northwest feel for your to enjoy for many years to come.

Longer Life – Your builder put on the lowest quality shake possible; can you imagine what your roof would look like if you had the highest quality shake in the world? It’s in your hands. You’re holding the only shake to be given the Gold Standard by the Quality Assurance Institute (QAI). These shakes have a higher wood density because they are 100% vertical grain. This means you’ll have a low failure rate and have the highest home resale value possible. With regular roof maintenance, your roof will not only last longer than your current roof, it will look healthier throughout the entire roof life.