When you’re putting your home on the market or buying a home in Portland, Oregon, getting a Real Estate Roof Certification needs to be at the top of your to-do list.

Finding a qualified buyer who likes your home is no easy task. Losing a deal because of an unknown roof problem is avoidable with a thorough inspection.

A Roof Life of Oregon Real Estate Roof Certification starts with an on-roof inspection and, if needed, an attic inspection.

We inspect all aspects of your roof’s condition; the amount of tree debris, moss growth issues, all roofing components (including exposed fasteners, skylights, pipe flashings, can vents and transition metals). We will also investigate and explain any issues we find relating to the installation of your roof.

Your Urgency is OUR Urgency

Our Real Estate Roof Inspections are done with the urgency you need for a pending loan or sale. Your roof will be inspected within 1 business day of your request.

If there is work that needs to be done for your certification, upon your approval, it can be done on the very next business day if time and materials allow.

Pass or Fail

If your roof passes inspection, you’ll receive our 5-year certification along with our best estimate of the service life expectation of your roof. The alternative to a certification is a failed roof. The roof may be in failure but not obvious to you at the time. Your report will point out the issues of the failure determination and what steps, if any, can be made to bring your roof to a passing condition.

Finally a Roof Life Certification is always followed up with a phone call to address your concerns and options.

If you’re buying or selling your home, a Real Estate Roof Certification will be an asset to you. It’s a tool for negotiating the sale.

The fee for this service is a prepaid $300.00. This fee can also be applied to any work wanted/needed.

You can either call us at 503-925-0125 or fill out this form to get the ball rolling.

Real Estate Certification Request Form


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