If you’ve done a little reading, you might recognize the name Malcolm Gladwell. He’s a writer for the New York Times, and I recently read his book Blink. He investigates the things we all think about in a flash and delves deeply into them.

All of the things we think about in a blink have volumes of information behind them. He says that as he investigated them, he found that everything has a set-up, an action, and a follow through. He says people could change anything they want by more intently focusing on those three things.

In the book, he tells the story of David and Goliath. How did a little Hebrew kill a gigantic man that had killed so many people? He went though the whole thing, and by the end you’re thinking, “Well, of course he did!”  But until you hear the prep, the action, and the follow through, it doesn’t make sense.

We use this book a lot while working with our clients and with one another. We try to connect our work by giving people a prep, a current, and a follow through. So many people get caught up in what’s happening now, and don’t consider what came before and what’s coming next. When you think about all three, life becomes more abundant.

I think this book is a great read for everybody
– parents who need perspective and entrepreneurs, young and old. Malcolm tells engaging stories and you end up having a lot of ah-ha! moments. You won’t be the same after you read Blink.

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