The Rooflife Team

I’d like you to get to know the roofing team that will be providing you with your roof maintenance and roof replacement services as well as the folks behind the scenes who make it all happen here at Roof Life of Oregon. I’m proud of my team and I’d be honored if you’d take the time to meet them. In addition, we’re always looking for honest, hard-working people to add to the team.

Patrick Morin

Founder and Owner

ken wheeler

Ken Wheeler

General Manager

Melissa Hill

Social Media Manager / Client Services
Since 2011

Daniel White

Roof Replacement Consulant
Since 2008

Jerry Becker

Roof Replacement Consultant
Since 2011

Tim Mueller

Roof Maintenance Consultant
Since 2016

Isaac Tenorio

Assistant Production Manager

judy bradley

Judy Bradley

Since Before You Were Born

#1 Roof Replacement Crew Members
(#1 status is based on how long the team has been together)

Antonio is the crew chief of this amazing roofing machine. When they come to your home, they are ready to remove your old roof and install your new one without a hitch. Antonio has been with us for years. He started with us as an apprentice and worked and learned his way to the top of the roofing world. He loves his family and works hard at being a great dad and husband. He will treat your roof with the same kind of TLC. It’s his way of being.

Remember that Oregon roofers are the best in the world. Any roofer can roof in great weather, but in Oregon, we roof all year round, even in the rain. And yet, we are masters at keeping the rain out of your home as we replace your roof. That’s talent and commitment. You will love our #1 crew headed by Antonio. Thanks Antonio, you’re the best!

#2 Roof Replacement Crew Members
(#2 status is based on how long the team has been together)

Jaime is the crew chief of this incredible team of roofers. Jaime has worked with me at Roof Life of Oregon for nine years. He has been a great crew chief on our roof maintenance staff and developed a deep understanding of how important roofing components, if put together correctly, end up giving you the best roof in town. I get excited just telling you about it because I know how rare it is, and I know how happy you will be.

Jaime has a great heart, full of service and he goes the extra mile in everything he does. He is a go-getter and will go the extra mile for you. He is OSHA-certified in job site safety and certified in First Aid. He is a treasured member of our safety committee. Keeping his crew members safe and efficient on your roof is a top priority to Jaime.

Jaime is a family man of the highest caliber. He spends quality time with and provides well for his wife and kids. He has three handsome boys and his wife Irma is expecting a beautiful little girl. That little girl will be spoiled rotten for sure. The #2 team follows Jaime’s example and brings to you the very best in roofing practices. Meeting and exceeding your expectations is their goal. I really love that and I hope you will as well. Thank you Jaime!

Isaac, Adam, Freddy, Jaime, Cisco, Kevin, Ricardo, & Moises
Roof Maintenance Production Crew Members

As we have grown over the last twenty five years we have added new recruits to our team of veteran roof maintenance technicians. Many of the veterans have become life long friends to Kate and I; some have gone on to establish successful roofing companies of their own and occasionally call for advice or just to share their success. Many of our production staff members have beautiful families of their own. They are involved in their community. Talents include music, dancing, mechanics, cooking, athletics and school activities. They are wonderful people. leadership and mentoring program guarantees you will always have the highest trained technicians working on your roof. They are a group of dependable, accountable, honest, loyal, dedicated, heart felt guys. They are the best anywhere and you will benefit from their expertise. Thanks guys.