Roof Life of Oregon provides a replacement roof warranty second to none in the greater Portland area. Based on our maintenance service for thousands of homeowners over the last 33 years, we have literally “uncovered” the primary causes for leaks and premature failure of roofs. The overwhelming majority of the issues are workmanship related. Here’s why: Most roofing companies pay their installers for the speed of their installation and fail to provide proper on-site management of their crews. The resulting mistakes result in roofs being installed with problems that don’t show up until the 6th year. (This is the national average as reported by the National Roofing Contractor Association)

Workmanship is Everything

If your roofing contractor fails in workmanship, you have nothing. It doesn’t matter if the roof looks fantastic on the day it is installed. Roofing material manufacturers have strict guidelines for installation and ventilation requirements. Ignoring any of these guidelines will void the manufacturer’s warranty on the materials used to construct your roof. Nearly all of the problems with premature failure are the result of poor workmanship (which will void the manufacturer’s warranty). Additionally, if your roofing contractor offers a workmanship warranty of anything less than the expected life of the materials, you are left with ZERO coverage if the failure occurs after your contractor’s workmanship warranty expires. It doesn’t matter if your roofing contractor is intentionally cutting corners or not. The end result of shoddy workmanship is a voided warranty, leaks and a premature replacement of your beautiful roof.

The sad part of most workmanship warranties is that they will only last as long as the company which makes them. The National Roofing Contractor Association also reports that 70% of all roofing contractors are out of business in 2 years with 90% of them failing in 7 years. A high number of disgruntled technicians who start their own contracting companies seem to be the main reason for this alarming statistic.

Here’s the problem: Workmanship warranties won’t get you a new roof if your roofer fails to comply with ALL of the manufacturer’s installation guidelines. That’s why we cover our workmanship for the life of your roof. We believe your roof is our roof. 

How we do it: The Roof Life solution is to follow ALL of the manufacturer’s requirements. We incentivize our technicians by paying them by the hour, and we actively manage your installation with crew chiefs and production managers. The end result for you is a lifetime warranty on your replacement roof. We will help you maintain that warranty by performing three inspections spread over ten years. These inspections also let us determine what kind of maintenance your roof requires to keep your lifetime warranty in force. For example, you must keep your roof clear of debris and the buildup of moss.

Our Lifetime Workmanship Warranty

lifetime workmanship roof warranty“Roof Life of Oregon warrants to the homeowner that the roof installation will be free of defects in workmanship. Should a failure occur due to defects in workmanship that may cause leakage or loss of shingles, Roof Life of Oregon will repair such problems, by supplying labor for as long as you own your home. This warranty is transferable one time to your buyer for a 10 year period.

The warranty items are to be repaired only by Roof Life of Oregon and the customer must notify Roof Life of Oregon within seven (7) days after the problem has been discovered. The warranty is transferable. Roof Life of Oregon will not be liable for roof or structural damage resulting from normal wear and tear, including but not limited to ice damage, hailstorms and foreign objects.

In addition, any fungus, bacteria, infestation, UV degradation, rust or corrosion resulting in metal or wood decay will not be covered. This warranty is in lieu of all other express and implied warranties of merchantability and fitness for a particular purpose and is limited to the duration of this warranty. Roof Life of Oregon shall not be liable for any incidental, consequential or special damages of any form. This includes damage to the interior or exterior of any building or replacement not authorized in writing or performed by Roof Life of Oregon.”


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