A few years ago, metal roofing options were limited to using sheet metal panels. While still a viable option today, most homeowners were given less aesthetic variety compared to their asphalt shingle and cedar shake counterparts. That was until DECRA and Tilcor stone-coated Metal shingles hit the market.

What is DECRA Metal Roofing?

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DECRA stone-coated roof shingles, made in the U.S., opens up a large variety of aesthetic options without sacrificing the durability of a metal roof. Built with interlocking panels, airspace insulation, deadening noise technology for hail and rain, and much more, DECRA roofing materials truly compounds all the best that roofing has to offer into one seamless material.

DECRA Roof maintenance was also built with ease in mind. Given its enhanced durability, roof moss can be eliminated with a simple high-powered pressure wash. With other materials such as the asphalt shingle or cedar shakes, there remains a risk of shingle displacement and lifting. With DECRA roofs, most major roof maintenance problems are almost non-existent.

DECRA Durability

The DECRA stone-coated metal roofs are specially crafted to withstand all weather extremes and variables. Their most prominent durability features include:

  • Wind
    • Able to withstand wind speeds of up to 120 mph.
    • Can withstand Category 3 Hurricane Wind Speeds.
  • Hail
    • Holds a Class 4 impact resistance.
    • Can protect you and your home from the largest categorized class of hail: Class 4
  • Fire
    • Uses Class A Material. Extremely fire-resistant.
    • In the event of an encroaching neighborhood fire, one of the catalysts for fire is the roof. In most cases, the fire will burn away the foundations of the roof and collapse in on the house. DECRA tiles do not bend to fire.
  • Snow & Ice
    • Freeze and Thaw resistant.
    • With the Asphalt shingle or Cedar shakes, water can get caught in the underlayment in low temperatures. This creates the perfect environment for ice buildup. This, in turn, ruins the integrity of the asphalt shingles and cedar shakes. With DECRA’s ultra-strength panels, it is not a concern.

The Five Types of DECRA Roofs

  • DECRA Villa Tiles
    • It has the same shape as a Tile shingle.
    • It is made without the deficiencies of clay which is prone to cracks.
    • It is invulnerable to hail and storm debris impact. 
  • DECRA Tiles
    • Regular tile shingles are not given a warranty for wind uplift damage, a common problem with tiles.
    • DECRA Tiles can withstand all manner of weather extremes and come with a manufacturer’s warranty.
  • DECRA Shingle XD
    • Thick-cut edges to provide the same dimensionality of a heavy architectural shingle.
    • Protective layers and a unique DECRA interlocking system add shear strength and wind resistance that the common asphalt shingle can provide.  
  • DECRA Shake XD
    • DECRA Shake XD provides the desired aesthetics of a shake roof.
    • Designed to last a lifetime.
    • It does not need ongoing roof maintenance.
  • DECRA Shake
    • DECRA Shake provides the same distinctive look as the cedar shake.
    • Endures all manner of climates.

What is Tilcor Metal Roofing?

Tilcor Roofing, another stone-coated metal roofing company, uses four distinctive pressed steel tile profiles known as the Craftsman Shake, Antica, CF Shingle and the CF Shake. The versatility of Tilcor’s materials is seen in many homes throughout the United States. Whether the building is residential, public or commercial, Tilcor generates lightweight, easy to install, versatile steel tiles for any and all roofs.

Made of Zincalume protected steel substrate, the shingle is covered with natural stone granules or an acrylic satin finish. Manufactured, family-owned and operated, Tilcor Metal Roofing has been making roofs strong and beautiful for over 70 years.

Tilcor Durability:

  • Wind
    • Can withstand hurricane-force winds.
    • Maximum resistance to high-speed winds clocked at 118 mph.
  • Fire
    • Non-combustible. Class A fire rating.
    • Highest rating for fire resistance. Fire will have a hard time spreading on the roof should it make its way there.
  • Snow & Ice & Hail
    • Freeze and Thaw Resistant.
    • Ice can lift the shingles and degrade the overall integrity of other shingles. Tilcor shingles are specially designed to withstand any environment.
  • Weight
    • Lightweight and easy installation.

Four Types of Tilcor Shingles

  • Antica
    • Features are based on the Mediterranean tile.
    • 5 rustic color options.
    • Resists strong up-winds. It cannot be lifted off the roof.
  • Craftsman Shake
    • Features the wood-grain appearance of traditional cedar shakes.
    • Textured-finish tiles are available in a choice of colors from deep charcoals to earthy browns and greens.
    • Exceptional weather and fire resistance.
  • CF Shingle
    • It resembles the look of traditional Asphalt Shingles but without the inherent issues that many homeowners face.
    • Unique CF Shingle protects all fastening elements making roofs more reliable.
    • Exceptional water resistance.
  • CF Shake
    • Features the wood-grain appearance of traditional shake.
    • Protects all fastening elements making roofs more reliable, watertight and durable than ever before.

Decra & Tilcor stone coated metal roofing is an excellent option for Portlanders as an extremely durable, beautiful and long-lasting roofing option. We have many clients in Portland with these roofs. Roof installation is a rather complicated process involving proper placement and precision. At Roof Life, you can trust that experts in the roofing field will take the utmost care in making sure your roof can stand against any weather extremes in Portland. Whether it is roof replacement, roof maintenance, leaks, repair response or moss control Roof Life of Oregon has you covered. Call us for addresses to go see for yourself.