The purpose of going out into the field is so I can learn the terminology and industry, but I get to indulge in some pretty picturesque views. Each day, I get to see sights the average Oregonian doesn’t get to see and enjoy. From the rooftops, the world appears more at ease and peaceful. It would be selfish of me not to share my views with the rest of the community.

I’ve decided to share my favorites. Each week, I’ll provide my three favorite photos I took during the week. This week’s photos features a tile examination, a close up of an erosion hole, and a lead pipe flashing gone back:

Ken performing an examination of a tile to determine the maintenance needed on the roof.

This is a great closeup of an erosion hole. You can see where the fastener is exposed and how a leak could easily start.

What is typically a lifetime roofing component seems to have a large hole in it allowing 40 inches of water a year to get into your home.

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