Twas the day before Christmas and across all the roofs,
Not a person was working not even this goof.

All the valleys and gutters were flowing free,
While the staff re-hashed their favorite episodes of Glee.

When suddenly the phones rang with a sound so unfamiliar,
Like watching a sappy love movie with action star Val Kilmer.

It was a voice at the other end in complete dismay,
Who’s roof needed some TLC and was getting in the homeowner’s Christmas way.

What were we to do, the town was in a desolate state?
So we sounded the alarms calling all of our roofing greats.

Come Jamie and Isaac, Ricardo and Cisco,
Plus Matt and Moi, Freddy and Beto.

To the top of the ladders they came a’running,
And cleaned and repaired like it was nothing.

Another satisfied client amassed since 1983,
Ridding roof’s of yukies and nasties from Vancouver to Canby.

Same owner, same phone number you know what that is,
503-925-oooooohhhh 125 just ask your kids.

We wish your family and home our best wishes,
In hopes you achieve everything without any glitches.

Here’s a great video of our creative wonderful staff,
In hopes you can relax and enjoy a good laugh.

Staring team members Patrick Harrington, Mark Landes, Todd Martin, Peter Morin, and Tony St. Pierre

Happy Holiday’s from everyone at Roof Life of Oregon.

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