Renewable, Beautiful Cedar!

The world’s most enduring roofing material is made by nature. Cedar. Manufacturers have tried to duplicate the natural beauty and durability of cedar shakes and shingles. And Roof Life sells and installs such synthetic roof types as they appeal to many. While imitation is flattering, it does not approach the integrity of the original.

Cedar is prized for its beauty and resistance to Oregon’s wet climate conditions. That’s why 70% of Roof Life’s Portland area customers choose cedar shakes for their roof replacement.


  • Cedar roofs can withstand winds exceeding 120 mph.
  • Cedar has a hail resistance rating of up to Class 4 – which means it holds tough against hail storms.
  • Cedar’s unique cellular structure makes it an excellent insulator, keeping your home cooler in the summer and warmer in the winter. In fact cedar has more than twice the insulating efficiency value of asphalt.
  • Cedar is lightweight and earthquake safe. At only 2.5 lbs per square foot, cedar shakes and shingles are one of the lightest and toughest roofing materials available.

The beauty and versatility of cedar shakes and shingles have made this material the top choice among the world’s great architects. From octagon to diamond, our line of cedar products are available in a range of styles, colors and grades, offering you versatility to compliment any architectural design. We install premium grade cedar shingles and shakes – meaning they are 100% edge grain. What is the difference between a shake and a shingle? (link to Replace Cedar Roof)

Yes, your cedar roof must be carefully maintained to keep its beauty and maximize its strength. The enemies of cedar shake roofs are water and sunlight. And Oregon has both. Roof Life can provide you with an annual maintenance program to keep moss or mildew growing on your roof, and to prevent premature fading. Find out maintenance procedures here. (link to Roof Maintenance – Cedar). Proper upkeep of your cedar roof will make it last as long as 50 years!
We would be more than pleased to provide you with a personalized roof maintenance program. Our expert analysis on your current roof condition will provide you with sensible solutions and it comes at no cost to you. Make an appointment with this form. (link to: Roof inspection Request Form)