Yesterday we talked about roof moss and how zinc strips only protect the roof material directly below the strip. Today, we show you a more extreme example of zinc strip use. Unfortunately for this homeowner, they don’t receive the benefit of a free and clear roof material directly below the zinc strip.

Patrick D. Morin shows us the extremes some homeowners will go to protect their roof from moss without using Roof Life of Oregon’s services.


This is a video for all those in Portland that think that zinc and copper strips control moss. Here you have a zinc strip nailed straight through the top of his ridge and there’s moss growing right next to it. It really doesn’t do anything except put a lot of holes in your roof and it doesn’t keep the growth from coming. This is a roof that’s going to need to be professionally cleaned off and treated. It just has an environment, this is upwind from the roof, and this is a roof that’s going to take a lot of help from keeping the buildup of debris and moss from getting on here. The zinc strip won’t do it as you can tell.

If you’re tied of using the ‘do-it-yourself’ option and not seeing any results then call on a professional. Roof Life of Oregon has spent the past 28 years fighting yukies and nasties and offers Portland’s only no growth guarantee. Ask your local Home Depot employee if ‘Moss Boss’ offers that type of warranty. If you’re dissatisfied with the answer you receive give us a call at (503) 925-0125 or fill out our form for a free roof inspection.

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