Zinc stripes are the latest invention for fungus and moss control. These very thin metal strips can be easily installed by most homeowners or roofers with galvanized roofing nails. Unfortunately, when water hits the strip and nail it creates electrolysis which corrodes the zinc strip from around the nail heads and this is what you end up with.

A thin sharp metal strip flapping in the wind which is extremely dangerous! After rain has run over your zinc strip for a year or so, they loose all of the effectiveness of preventing fungus and moss growth. In addition, you have a ton of extra nail holes through your roof which can cause even bigger problems: leaks and wall damage.

Home Depot sells zinc strips for only $20.92 per 50 feet. While you will save money initially, in the long run you’ll be paying exponentially more than if you used Roof Life of Oregon’s clean and treat method. Before you spend any money on zinc strips, read about Roof Life of Oregon’s maintenance process.


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