Outside of leaks, the number one reason people call Roof Life of Oregon is because their roof simply looks bad. Your home is a reflection of you to your friends, family and neighbors. Not only that, a history of maintenance will raise the value of your roof, making it a huge asset when the time comes that you want to put your home on the market.

You want your roof to look healthy and well maintained, kind of like your yard, your car or your personal appearance. A neglected roof starts looking pretty nasty; the moss, the black fungus, everything starts to fall apart. When you have your roof cared for by Roof Life of Oregon, the character of the roof is maintained. Whether it’s a shake roof, asphalt or tile, you’ll get the definition in the shadow lines. The appearance of your roof becomes a major asset.

We have 11,000 clients that we do maintenance for in the greater Portland area. Regular maintenance on your roof will enhance your home’s appearance and curb appeal so that when it comes time to sell, you’ve got a record showing that you have taken care of your roof. With proper servicing, your roof can become an asset.

Rooflife Warranties

Our Workmanship Warranty is the key to keeping your shingle company’s warranty in place.

Lifetime Workmanship Warranty

Can we keep moss and mold from growing back? Yes. Yes we can.

No Moss Growth Warranty

We fix leaks for good.

No Leak Warranty

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