The “Your Roof is Our Roof Warranty” is a way for us to let you know how much all 48 of us at Roof Life of Oregon care about your roof.

Your roof is our roof means we guarantee there will be no growth or leaks on your roof. The only exceptions are act of nature. So if a squirrel eats through your lead pipe flashing (I don’t know why they like to do this, but they do), that would be an act of nature, and wouldn’t be covered.

However, if you do get a leak and it’s because of something that we missed, or due to normal wear and tear of the roof, we will fix the leak for free. All you have to do is go to our website and push the Roof Leak button. Within ten minutes, you will get a response. We have teams that will come out to your home and fix the leak very quickly.

If it’s after dark and we can’t get to your home that day, our team will help you over the phone to mediate the damage. (It’s just not possible to work on a roof in the dark, but we would if we could.) However, we will get out to your home the very next possible time and not only fix the leak, but the damage inside your home, as well.

A “Your Roof is Our Roof Warranty” means that we care about your roof as much as you do. We have an inspection video that our team watches before they come to your home. They know what kind of shingle you have, the pitch of the roof, the location, and what it takes to get on and stay on your roof. We also pay close attention to your grounds and landscape and will work with you to maintain them while we work.

We care about keeping your roof looking good, working right, and lasting longer. Schedule a well care check-up and make your roof a Roof Life of Oregon roof.

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