Last week was a doozy for us! We totaled two of our vehicles en route to a job site. Both service vans were headed up a hill in Estacada, and when they rounded a curve, there was a box truck stopped in the middle of the road. The first van braked in time, but the second didn’t. There was a guard rail on the right, and another truck in the oncoming traffic lane, so the driver was forced to rear-end our own vehicle! Luckily, no one was hurt.


This is the van that was rear-ended. Notice that rippling on the side? Ouch.

Accidents are part of any job, and we try and take every precaution against injuries we can. As a roofing company, you would expect those accidents to happen while on the roof. We found it pretty ironic that this accident happened while on solid ground. Hope your week goes much better than ours!

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