Many homeowners end up with warranties they don’t fully understand. A manufacturer warranty covers just the product itself – it doesn’t cover the way it is installed. That’s where the workmanship warranty comes in. It’s important to make sure you have both.

Some contractors will talk to a homeowner, sell them a roof, and tell them they have a thirty-year warranty. The homeowner thinks they’re covered for thirty years. Well, that’s only the manufacturer’s warranty; the granules aren’t going to fall off or the roof’s not going to blow apart (as long as it’s installed correctly).

The workmanship is how the roof was installed. We visited a roof this week for maintenance that looked good; it should’ve lasted another ten or fifteen years. Unfortunately, it was installed all wrong. The contractor put new shingles on top of old and left old pipe flashings. This roof is going to leak. And it’s not the fault of the manufacturer, so they’re not going to cover it. Workmanship warranties also cover repairs we make. Its what makes the difference between a great repair and a just OK roof repair. That peace of mind is important.


Incorrect installation- no plywood decking! Nails right through felt = leak city.

Most contractors are going to have a three to ten-year workmanship warranty. After ten years, if your roof leaks, the contractor will fix it, but they’re going to charge you, even if they installed it wrong. 

At Roof Life of Oregon, we have a lifetime workmanship warranty. It matches the roof you purchase. So if you buy a thirty-year roof, we’re going to cover it for thirty years. And if you sell the house, the warranty is transferable to the new owner for ten years. That’s the workmanship difference.

Make sure when you’re purchasing a new roof that you’re covered with a manufacturer and workmanship warranty that will last you.

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