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Yes, Cheap Roofs Cost More

Posted June 7, 2010 by Patrick Morin
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Yes, the neighbor’s roof was a lot cheaper than yours was. You choose the best, greenest, longest lasting roof on the market. (A 50 year warranted 1-inch thick pretreated shake by Roof Life of Oregon) In addition, it comes with a lifetime workmanship warranty. Have you noticed that a great roof increases the curb appeal of your home? History tells us that a cheap roof put on a home that demands a nicer roof, the curb appeal drops and so does your home value. It’s a decision driven by one factor [PRICE].

It’s ok to have a nice roof. The extra cost spread over 20-30 yrs of enjoyment is a couple bucks a day, less than a cup of coffee. If in the short term you want to sell your home, our warranty goes with it. A nice roof recaptures 88% of its cost in the value it brings to the property, lower end; cost driven, poorly built roofs do not. Let’s face it, a lifetime custom Roof Life of Oregon roof looks better. It’s sure nice to look good, isn’t it?

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Do not be fooled by roofing companies putting on really nice roofing material, it’s the installation that makes the difference. If the roofing material is put on like a bunch of junkies, it’s junk. Remember the Jaguar, it earned that reputation. That’s their game to make you think that they’re the same as Roof Life of Oregon by using similar products choices. (Except the shakes where we are the source) In the roofing world great products, workmanship, heart, and procedure is the key to having a successful client base.

Are you aware that production type roofs put on by most roofing contractors in Portland will show the signs of fast installation procedures by the 6th year? You might wonder how I know this. It’s a valid question and so here is the answer. Roof Life of Oregon maintains over 10,000 roofs in the greater Portland area. We have done this since 1983. We track the age, type, and kind of all roofs and have found the same thing as a national research firm found. Production low priced installed roofs show there first problems in the 6th year.

If you have to replace a cheap roof two or three times in a fifty-year period of time, the cheap roof actually costs a lot more. The irony is that it looked cheap and gave the homeowner problems its entire life. Most of the time the material is good, the workmanship is just bad. Every problem this cheap roof will give its owner will be because of workmanship and not the roofing product. In the following pictures, you will see that this economy roofer didn’t order enough ridge caps so he stretched the exposure by 50% and then he still ran out and put on a black ridge to finish. This ridge will leak in windy weather and will need to be replaced prematurely all due to workmanship.

The next picture is this economy roofer did not update the ventilation on this roof. This is the number 1 reason for premature roof failure in America today. This roof will only last ½ as long as it was designed to, based on ventilation workmanship issue only.

Finally look at this valley, it’s called a California valley, and this is a very bad one at that. Notice the loose weave and how they wove it in, it will leak in about 5-6 years and will cost the home owner 100’s of dollars to fix. Inadequate ventilation, stretched ridge caps shingles, and woven California valleys have set this home-owner up for trouble and a big unexpected replacement expense.

If you’d like to learn more about what makes Roof Life of Oregon different from other contractors visit our roof replacement page.

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