In this episode, Daniel discusses the different types of warranties, why we offer both, and what sets apart a good roof repair from an ok roof repair or installation.

Podcast Transcription- RoofLifeB015-125:

Shayla: You are listening to the Roof Life of Oregon Podcast and I’m talking with Daniel who is a roof consultant at Roof Life. And, Daniel, I want to talk about a manufacturer’s roof warranty versus a workmanship warranty. Explain the difference to me.

Daniel: That’s a great question. A lot of roofers don’t even like to talk about that. They kind of tip-toe around the subject and don’t give you a straight answer, when it comes to that. Manufacturers have done some changing of the warranties for years. Years ago it was a twenty-five year, thirty-five year, forty-five year warranty. Ten, fifteen years, I can’t remember exactly, they changed it to thirty, forty and fifty year warranties. And that’s what it went with for quite awhile. And then one of the manufacturers decided they were going to try to cheat the market a little bit and make them sound better than they were. So they went to limited lifetime. Nothing changed. Still thirty, forty, and fifty year, they just changed it. Just to understand what it is, it’s still the same thing, thirty, forty and fifty year.

That it is on the product itself. That’s not on the way it’s installed. So you’ll have a roofer go into a home, they’ll talk to a homeowner, they’ll sell them a roof, they’ll go, “What’s my warranty?” “You have a thirty-year warranty.” Great. End of discussion. They think they have a thirty-year warranty on their roof. No. They have a thirty-year manufacturer warranty. That’s saying the granules aren’t going to fall off. If it’s installed correctly, it’s not going to blow apart. It’s just not going to fail that way. Workmanship warranty is different; it’s how the roof was put on. And that’s on the contractor, not the manufacturer.

We had a roof this week that we went to go look at for maintenance. Climb up on the roof and the first thing we notice is it’s got these weird bubbles to it. Climb up on the roof, shingles look great, these things have probably got another ten, fifteen years on them, the granules are great, it’s what’s considered a thirty-year roof, but it’s all installed wrong.

They left they old pipe flashings, put new shingles over the top of the old, put new pipe flashings over the old. This roof is going to leak. That’s not the fault of the manufacturer. That’s the installer that put it on. Most contractors are going to be around a three-year, five-year, seven-year and ten-year workmanship. Ten years, on the high end. So after ten years, if that roof leaks and you call the contractor, he may say, “yeah, I’ll come out and fix it, but I’m going to charge to fix the roof that we put on wrong the first time.”

That’s why we have a lifetime workmanship warranty. It matches the roof we put on. If you buy a thirty-year roof, we’re going to cover it for the thirty-years. And then if you sell the house, ten, fifteen years, it’s transferable to ten years to the next homeowner. That’s the workmanship difference. It’s not just the manufacturer warranty, it’s the workmanship warranty and the manufacturer warranty together.

Shayla: That’s huge, Daniel. Thank you for that information. If you guys have any questions, as you can hear, Roof Life of Oregon is not scared to talk about this subject. They will break it down for you and make sure you understand exactly what you’re getting on your roof. If you have any questions, be sure to reach out them. Thanks, Daniel.

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