Spring has sprung and you can feel the excitement in the air. Just this past weekend I was at Home Depot and tons of people were buying grass seed and landscaping materials. Calls are also picking up at the office from folks wanting to get on our schedule. It’s a great idea to get your roofing project done while the weather is great and before you do any landscaping.

One of the best things about roofing in the spring is that not everything has grown around your home yet. When a roof comes off a house, a lot of debris comes crashing down. We always do our best to protect your rose bushes and dahlias, but it’s a lot easier when they aren’t in full bloom. If you wait too long into summer, there’s more of a risk, so it’s good to do some planning for your home projects.

The weather also makes spring a great time to re-roof your home. For one thing, we can work a lot faster. Although we work year around, our guys love it when they don’t have to put on their heavy coats and rain gear to install a roof. We just show up in our Roof Life t-shirts and get to work. Projects tend to go a lot smoother when we don’t have to protect the inside of the home from the rain and snow.

It’s always a good time to call Roof life of Oregon. But if you know you need a new roof and can plan ahead, it’s a smart idea to call us during spring. Not only will you have the benefit of beautiful weather, you’ll get some peace of mind about protecting your home.

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