Homeowners are often confused when they hear thirty, forty or fifty-year warranty. In reality, having a “thirty-year warranty” on your roof doesn’t mean your warranty or your roof will last that long.Fake Warranty Picture

When you really look at a manufacturer’s warranty, they use the term “limited lifetime.” If you’ve been given a thirty-year roof warranty, it means the warranty will prorate out over thirty years, until your coverage is zero.

Let’s say you get a mid-grade Malarkey shingle, which is one of our favorites. You’re going to see that for the first fifteen years, you’re completely covered: your material, labor and anything else you need will be covered in case you need to reinstall the roof. It’s all calculated into the roof replacement costs.

If you paid $10,000 for your roof, and it fails in the first fifteen years, you’ll receive the full $10,000. On the sixteenth year, your coverage begins to prorate, which means if it fails in that year, you might receive only $9,500. And it just keeps going down until it hits zero at the end of thirty years.

And remember: everything has to be installed and maintained per the manufacturer’s specifications. If you’ve ever dealt with any kind of warranty claim on any product, you know that their job is to try and debunk your claim, and hold out on giving you your warranty. They don’t want to give it to you freely.

We install and maintain your roof exactly how the manufacturer requires. Always. No, your warranty may not last a full thirty, forty or fifty years, but if you hire a company that installs a quality roof, per manufacturer’s specifications, you’ll get as much coverage as possible, as that warranty prorates and the roof ages.

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