Over the years, we’ve seen a lot of alternate roofing materials fail. But the price of asphalt and cedar fiber continues to go up, so we’ve been looking for an alternative with a proven track record.

After years of research, we’ve decided to alternate roofing materials: Davinci and Decra roofing products to our offerings here at Roof Life of Oregon. We’ve trained our technicians and are now installing them in the greater Portland area.


DaVinci Sample Roof

Davinci is a closed cell product, which means nothing can penetrate it once it’s set. Sure, you’ll still get debris, but nothing can grow on it. It’s a beautifully textured product, and looks exactly like slate.


Decra Sample Roof

Decra roofing products are made from steel. They add really heavy gauged granules that are two to three times the size of asphalt granules. It’s really easy to transition from asphalt to Decra roofing. We just need to take off the asphalt shingles, put down a new moisture barrier, and this product goes right on top.

Both alternate roof materials are made in America, and they have been proven in the Portland area. We feel very comfortable adding them to our line-up of asphalt shingles and, of course, our old growth cedar products. For more information, reach out to the team or schedule a roof replacement estimate with Roof life of Oregon.


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