Make sure your roofer knows your local city codes and ordinances, as well as manufacturer specs.

If your roofer doesn’t follow codes, you could end up with some serious problems. For the most part, when the city tells you to install a roof a certain way, there’s a good reason for it.

There’s an area in Portland that comes out of the gorge and gets crazy wind. Most of the time, we have to tie up our ladders because they’ll blow over. It’s constant. The city codes in that area say that when you put on a roof, you need to use nails, not staples, and you need six nails per shingle.

We recently replaced a roof in this particular area of Portland that was only ten years old because the roofer didn’t follow code. The roofer used four staples in every shingle, instead of 6 nails. The wind started just tearing the shingles off the roof.

Because the roof was just over ten years old, this homeowner had no warranty, and no recourse. He was forced to pay for another roof.

You need to follow the codes and know where you’re working. The codes in Portland are different from Division heading toward the river, than from Division heading away from the river.

When you work with Roof Life of Oregon, you can be sure that your roof is installed with the strictest codes in mind. No matter where we work, we install a roof as if it’s in the windiest area of Portland. We use nails, not staples. And we put it on the correct way to protect your investment.

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