I have been asked this question a lot over the last 25 years. It used to be only the finest of homes or remodeled homes had skylights. Because of that, there used to be a market for skylight installation specialists. Then in the beginning of the 90s it seemed like every house built had skylights. That trend continues today. Where have all the specialists gone?

You, as a homeowner, know that in a manufacturer’s product line, there are different levels of quality. A product may carry the same name, but with vast differences in grade and performance. All skylights are not the same. For example; a production type home builder would choose the least expensive. The quality of the components used in the skylight construction follow the cost. Basically, cheap skylights, cheap components!

skylight_caulk.jpgSkylight_Seals_Failing.jpg skylight_window_seals.jpg

If the leak is not from a poor install (pan metal, sidewall flashing, low nails, top edge screws, etc.) then it’s going to be from a worn out window seal. When the seals go out, your skylight will leak like a broken dam!

The only solution for bad seals is to replace the skylight top. When you have Roof Life of Oregon replace the skylight top, we always weather strip the new top to save you money in heating and cooling loss. The skylight represents the highest point in your home so all the heat is pulled to that point. The simple installation of that weather strip stops you from heating the great outdoors.

The solution to a bad install is to re-flash the curb into the roof correctly with top pan metal, side step flashings and bottom pan metal. Sometimes the problem can be solved by caulking the weather side of the flashing, stopping the wind driven rain.

Remember it is best to have a certified roof maintenance expert from Roof Life of Oregon look at your roof every 5 years. Catching these issues is your best and safest choice. The worst time to find out about your leaking skylights is during a storm!

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