There is a space of time between when we clean your roof, and when we treat it with our product. We’ve had a few customers ask why that is, so I want to address it.

Cleaning your roof generally takes four to eight hours, depending on the size of your roof. If you have a larger roof, it can take two to three days. We use our specially engineered machinery that cleans your roof of moss and debris without damaging it. (This is key. Our machines are very different from a pressure washer, although the build looks similar.) –>


When we’re done, your roof is completely wet. Our products have to be applied on a dry surface. Not only do we have to wait for dry, safe weather, we have to make sure our treating crew has a full day of work.

The treating process is done by an entirely different piece of equipment and crew. They may be at your house one to four hours. The cleaning crew works on one home a day, while the treating crew applies product to up to twelve a day.

After your roof has been cleaned by Roof Life of Oregon, it will look beautiful and healthy. When our treating team has a full day’s route and Mother Nature gives us dry weather, we’ll come back around and apply our product to keep the moss away. That’s when your three-year warranty begins.

Hopefully that helps you understand why there is a space of time between when a roof is cleaned, and when we are able to treat it. If you have any questions, just give us a call.


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