It may not be obvious to you, but roof debris can cause major roofing problems. Our blog post yesterday discussed how to deal with roof debris, but if you decide to roll the dice and skimp on preventative roof maintenance your ceiling may soon look like the one depicted below.

A roof leak is your roof’s way of saying, “You haven’t been taking care of me.”

Wouldn’t it be nice to know your roof was about to leak before it actually did? We offer free roof estimates to help give you peace of mind that your roof is in working order. If your roof has sprung a leak, and you’re not currently a Roof Life of Oregon client, we charge $190.00 (pre-paid) for our response, diagnosis, and consultation. Any work needed will be estimated before services are performed. If you would like a maintenance estimate in addition to the assessment of your leak, our team member will be happy to perform the inspection at the time of your leak diagnosis.

Please understand that this is a different service than our free maintenance inspections. If you call us because your roof is leaking right now, we drop everything and head to your house, prepared to diagnose and stop the leak. Maintenance inspections are grouped into neighborhoods and performed on our schedule, with no need for the homeowner’s involvement.

The benefits of being a Roof Life of Oregon client mean the services are at no cost if the leak is covered under warranty (see your original paperwork for warranty information). If the leak is not covered under warranty there will be a $190.00 minimum charge assessed for the visit and diagnosis. Any work needed will be billed in addition.

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