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What’s the Deal With Plastic Can Vents?

Posted August 28, 2015 by Daniel White
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Have you ever seen what happens to a plastic dashboard on these old cars when they sit out in the sun for years? They get dry, brittle and crack. The same thing happens to the plastic can vents on your roof. Plastic can vents are not made to last the lifetime of your roof and sometimes can cause serious issue for your home, including major leaking.

You’ve got this beautiful roof built with thirty to fifty-year architectural shingles, but the roofer or builder used plastic can vents that are only going to last you ten to fifteen years. That doesn’t quite add up.

Plastic left in the sun for that long will not only crack and cause damage to your home, the edges of the vents start to actually curl up. That allows wasps to get in and wind to lift them off. Additionally, they’re unattractive. You have this nice looking grey roof, but the sun turns your grey plastic can vents almost white from fading.

At Roof Life of Oregon, we’re probably going to suggest doing some maintenance and replacing those plastic vents with metal. Metal is going to outlast your roof. It’s what should have been done in the first place. These metal can vents are solid, galvanized, and have a painted coating that is baked on at the enamel factory. These things will last fifty years.

We’ve torn roofs off in our re-roofing department and found that the metal vents were still good. So rather than having those parts and pieces on your roof that go bad before the roof does, let’s put a product up there that’s going to last and allow your roof to get its full life.

It’s really common sense. I mean, we’re talking about maybe a fifteen-dollar difference between plastic and metal can vents. And that’s going to get you twenty to forty years more life. Whether you want to do it right the first time around or redo what the first roofer did, Roof Life can help.


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