This is the thirty-fourth year Roof Life of Oregon has been in business and we have a lot of long-term clients. We are going to do everything humanly possible to make sure you have a roof that looks good, works right, and lasts its full lifetime.

We’ve got an extreme environment in Portland and you want to know that you have a company behind you that will respond to your needs in those times. You want a roof that is prepared to handle what might be falling out of the sky at any point.

As a Roof Life client, you’ll get little reminders to make sure your roof is ready for the weather at all times. We’ll let you know when it’s time to blow your roof off and if you’ve already done it, we’ll just mark you off the list and move on. And every three to four years, we’ll remind you it’s time to get your roof checked for maintenance.

We are a debt-free company whose sole purpose is to meet or exceed your expectations at a pre-determined profit. The national profit average is thirty percent. We’ve lowered ours down from twenty-four to eighteen percent. And we’ll work our tails off to for it.

The level of service you’ll receive from Roof Life is unmatched by any other roofing company in Portland. And we stand behind that statement every day, with every client. There are forty-eight of us here that are ready to help you with your concerns. Just give us a call.


Rooflife Warranties

Our Workmanship Warranty is the key to keeping your shingle company’s warranty in place.

Lifetime Workmanship Warranty

Can we keep moss and mold from growing back? Yes. Yes we can.

No Moss Growth Warranty

We fix leaks for good.

No Leak Warranty

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