Roof Life of Oregon has been providing roof certifications for real estate over the last five years. Our own clients were real estate folks, and they realized the value of going into a deal with a roof that’s been certified to last five years. It helps give every party involved the peace of mind they desire in transactions of this magnitude.real-estate-1716725_1280

A roof that’s been certified by Roof Life of Oregon is not going to leak or cause any problems, which is great for the next homeowner. Most importantly, the financier (the bank) knows that the roof covering the home they are funding is solid.

I actually do most of the real estate roof certifications and it’s kind of fun for me. I have to hit the mark so that when you put your house up for sale, the roof is perfect. We look at everything from needed repairs to simple cosmetic fixes. You roof can say a lot about how the home has been cared for.

I’ve found that clients are super happy with the certifications. It’s been a blessing to us and I enjoy working with people who are in a state of urgency and need to hit a deadline. At Roof Life of Oregon, real estate certifications go to the front of the line, so we’re able to meet your closing dates.

I’m a licensed roofing contractor, so my certification will supersede that of a general home inspector. A real estate roof certification from Roof Life of Oregon will help your deal fly through without any problems, at least when it comes to your roof. Schedule one with us today.


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