A pipe flashing is a pipe that sticks out of your roof that allows all of your plumbing to work properly. Unfortunately, when most contractors put on roofs, they don’t even talk to the homeowner about what options are available for pipe flashings. That could lead to a major leak inside the walls of your home that you’d never see coming.

A lot of these contractors will put a piece of rubber up on your roof and expect the water to stay out for the next thirty, forty or fifty years. The rubber is a neoprene product that slides down over the pipe and has a metal piece that keeps it in place. Well, the problem is that a piece of rubber in the sun for two years is going to get dry, brittle and then crack. After the about the tenth year, it cracks open and the rain runs down the inside of the walls, down the back of your sinks, and you think you have a plumbing leak.

Roof Life of Oregon likes to take a different approach. We have options that will outlast your roof and we can make those changes during re-roofing or regular maintenance. We like to use what’s called an ultimate pipe flashing. These are made out of silicon and so the ultra violet rays from the sun won’t break them down.

It’s really common sense. We’re talking about a difference of maybe $15 dollars to put a pipe flashing in that’s going to last the same amount of time as your roof. Not only that, you’re going to breathe easy knowing that your bathroom isn’t going to spring a leak. Let Roof Life of Oregon give you a free inspection to make sure that all of your pipe flashings are best suited for your current roof.


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