Roof Life of Oregon has been developing our well-care program for the last fifteen to twenty years. Most homeowners call us because they find a shingle in the grass, they see some moss growing on the roof, or they hear from a friend that we can make their roof look beautiful and last longer. Our well-care checkup is a full service check of your entire roof and its components.  From there, we can forecast what maintenance your roof will need to work well for you and your family.

So what are we checking for?

Moss, Moss, Moss
Our area of the country is extremely acidic. You can see this from the amount of moss on your roofs, lawns, and flowerbeds. Moss leads to loss. It wants to get under your shingles and allow water to get to your nails. Water wears down your components and eventually leads to saturated plywood.

Ultimately, the moss could lead to premature replacement of your roof. To make matter worse, you’re not supposed to have to replace the plywood when you replace your roof, but if you let that moss grow too long, you’re going to have to deal with the plywood, too.

Critical Components
In addition to checking your moss issues, we’ll analyze every component that works with your roofing material to keep the water out of your home and keep it looking beautiful. You have chimneys, skylights, and pipe flashings that are critical to your home’s function. You have vents all over your roof that keep moisture out of your attic. A moist attic is a breeding ground for mold and mildew.

After a check-up from Roof Life of Oregon, we will report to you, in detail, what your roof needs to look good, work right, and last longer. Let us give you complete peace of mind. Call us for your free inspection.


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