Moss, black fungus, lichen (LIKE-en), bird do-do, cat do-do, raccoon do-do, decaying leaves, footballs, whiffle balls, badminton shuttlecocks, slimy green algae, fir needles, pinecones, and all sortsa nuts.

The holiday season is finally over and many people are still feeling a hangover effect from them. Too much good food, too much family time, and too much traveling; all good problems to have! The New Years resolutions are in and now is when we can start validating if they’re going to come to fruition or not. If you decorated your home for the holiday season, with a tree, lights, and more, it’s time you start thinking about how to dismantle your festive creations. After all, the only accepted place that has lights up year-round is Las Vegas. We’ve found some pretty interesting things when we ladder up (see above) and we’re sure you’ll find a few strange things too.

In 2011, we’ve already received 3.75 inches of rainfall (according to USGS) in Portland of the expected 40+ inches we annually receive. All that rain has been beating down on the nooks and crannies of your roof without regard for the healthiness of your roof. While you’re up on your roof, dismantling Santa and his reindeer, take a look at your roof. Do you notice anything different compared to the last time your laddered to its peak?

Moss is only a visual queue that your roof is experiencing problems. Start off 2011 being proactive rather than reactive to keep your family and home safe. Roof Life of Oregon performs free roof inspections to help give homeowners the peace of mind they need. No one likes having roof maintenance performed on their home, but isn’t it better if its on your terms rather than mother nature’s?

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