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What about Composition Roofs?

Posted January 2, 2008 by Patrick Morin
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We get this question a lot: Do you guys take care of composition roofs too?
And this one: Do you guys put on nice composition roofs?
One more: Do you guys do roofing?

The truth is we do…and we are the best at it. We established our reputation with years of quality cedar roof maintenance service. As a full-service roofing company, we’ve established our service record by gaining the top credentials offered in our industry. So, I’m not just bragging when I tell you that you won’t find better roofers in Portland. And considering the type of climate we have, I believe that we have more challenges in Portland than you’ll find just about anywhere else in the world.

In Portland, no matter what type of roof you have, tree debris, moss, fungus, wind and rain demand that you pay attention to your roof yearly. Allowing heavy tree debris or moss to remain on the roof not only looks really bad but it blocks the water drainage off of the roof and causes the water to travel horizontally which allows water into your home. We even experience a bit of snow and ice each year which also aggravate the condition of your roof.

So, what do our customers really want out of their roofs? Based on their requests, the order of importance to our clients is as follows.

  1. They want their roof to look good (as it represents 30-50% of the frontal appearance of their home).
  2. They want it to work right.
  3. They want it to last longer.

The only time this changes is when they have a leak and then it becomes the most important topic for a short duration. It’s been like this for the entire 25 years I’ve been in this business.

So, our reputation is built on giving our customers what they want; a good-looking roof which is designed to work correctly and last a long time.

Isn’t that what you want?

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