Appearance is a big deal. When you’re pulling up to your home or entertaining guests in the backyard, the look of your home is really important. And your roof is a huge part of that. Roof Life of Oregon can help make your roof more beautiful through maintenance or re-roofing installation.

Beauty by Maintenance
Even if you want your roof to have a good appearance, you can’t sacrifice its longevity by over-cleaning. You need to do a gentle cleaning just once. We’ve come up with special machines that provide us high volume water at a low pressure. That way, you aren’t pounding away at your roof unnecessarily. It’s the lowest impact cleaning you’ll find in the Portland area.

If you’re under the trees, we will maintain that debris with compressed air. And then we’ll put your roof on a rotational treatment process that will keep the moss off of it. That way, you’ll see the definition and color shade of the shingles, and it will look as beautiful as possible.

Replacements Allow for Choice
There are hundreds of different styles, textures and colors you can choose from during a re-roof. You can actually match your roof to the style of your home. We will meet with you and ask those questions about style, appearance, and environment to help you figure out what type of roof you’d like to have. You want to make sure you’re happy with a roof that’s going to complete the look of your home.

Whether you’re looking to re-roof or maintain, Roof Life of Oregon understands that appearance matters and we’ll do every thing we can to make your roof look good and last longer.

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