Regular maintenance from Roof Life of Oregon can save you a lot of time, headache and money. We’re able to catch potential leaks before they become big issues for your roof. 

We recently had record rain and wind, all kinds of crazy weather. This guy called in to tell us he’s had a leak for a while and he’s tried to fix it, but it just keeps getting worse. So I went out to his home to take a look.

I got on the roof to find he basically has the perfect storm for a leak on his roof. It’s a high water traffic area where two roofs come together to dump water. Then he has a gutter that runs back and dumps water into that same area. On top of all that, when the house was originally built, the plumber ran a pipe out of the roof, right into that location.

The homeowner had put a bunch of tar on it, but it just didn’t work. The metal and nails rusted, and there’s a lot of wood damage underneath. The roofer, plumber and builder were obviously not communicating, when this house was designed.

So we gave him a couple options. We can take it all apart, fix the wood, waterproof it, and put it all back together knowing it’s still a high water traffic area or we can have a plumber come in, move the pipe over ten feet, and patch up the roof. It would be half the cost to do the latter and it’s a long-term fix.


pretty on the ground. not as pretty on your roof…


If this homeowner had been getting regular roof maintenance from Roof Life of Oregon, we could’ve helped him avoid this damage. If we see a potential problem, we’ll always let the homeowner know so they can decide if they want to address it or not.

Avoid issues like this one and call Roof Life of Oregon today.

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