Water is tricky; it goes uphill, downhill and in between. It’s important to let a professional do the investigating.

A water stain on your ceiling is definitely a sign of a leak, but it’s not necessarily indicative of where that leak is occurring. If you see a water stain forming on your ceiling, it doesn’t mean the leak is new. It could’ve been happening for years and you’re just now seeing signs of it. It also doesn’t mean that the leak is occurring directly above the spot you see forming. As I said before, water travels.

We know that sometimes you have to do something to immediately stop water from coming into your home. But, please, understand how to safely transition on and off your roof before climbing up. Most of the accidents that occur with roofing happen when someone falls while trying to get from ladder to roof, and vice versa. Rather than attempt a DIY roof leak repair, preferably, we’d want you to call a professional at the first sign of a leak.

*Insider tip: If you notice a bulge in the ceiling while you’re waiting for us to get there, go ahead and place a bucket underneath the spot and use a pin to poke a smExample of A Roof Leakall hole to let the water drain. That will keep the water from spreading out and causing more damage to your ceiling.

Avoid accidents altogether and let Roof Life of Oregon provide regular roof maintenance to make sure your roof can withstand our Portland weather and keep water out of your home and off your ceiling.

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