At Roof Life of Oregon, we want to make sure your roof not only beautiful, but healthy as well. A healthy roof is key to a healthy home, and ventilation is a big part of that. Balanced ventilation ensures a comfortable temperature, fresh air, and a home free of mold and mildew.

The pulling of fresh air through a stale environment is called convection. And if the convection in your home is working properly, you’re going to have a constant flow of air through your attic, which is going to keep your moisture down and heat to a minimum. That’s going to make sure mold and mildew doesn’t grow.

Just by bathing, cooking and general living, a family of four or five creates a lot of moisture, and all of that has to go somewhere. These days, windows and walls are of such a high grade that the moisture really can only go up. It goes through the cracks and crevices, right through the sheet rock, and into the attic. If convection is working properly, the air is carried out of the home.

When your ventilation isn’t balanced and you have stagnant air, your home becomes unhealthy. The imbalance could be caused by blocked intakes, or because someone installed a power fan without blocking the can vents. So if your upstairs is too hot to sleep in, your heating bills are high, or you’re having premature decay on your roof, you might have some bad ventilation.

Ventilation is critical for a healthy home. Give us a call if you’re experiencing any of the above issues and we’ll get your home back on track.

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