Roof warranties can be frustrating and tricky. It doesn’t get much worse than thinking something major is covered and then finding out it isn’t. When you get a roof installed by Roof Life of Oregon, we will be there for you to deal with the manufacturer and help you understand what that warranty covers.

 All roofing warranties are limited lifetime. What does that mean? It means less and less is covered throughout the lifetime of the roof. For instance, if the roof fails in the first ten years due to manufacturer defect, you will be covered for labor and material to re-roof. On the eleventh year, the percentage of coverage starts pro-rating out to zero. That may happen over a thirty or forty-year period, but that doesn’t mean your roof will last that long.

Now, you have to be careful here. Manufacturer warranties don’t cover all roof failures. If you have bad asphalt or a faulty fiberglass mat, you’ll be covered. But normal wear and tear and neglect is not covered. If you’re walking on your roof every year to clean it or blow it off, that’s considered normal wear and tear. Manufacturers don’t warranty that. And they also don’t cover you if you let the moss and debris take over.

That’s where we at Roof Life of Oregon come in. We’re going to maintain and treat your roof so that normal wear and tear is minimized. We’ve learned that the less we’re on a roof, the less impact. So we use treatments that keep us off your roof for two to five years at a time.

Additionally, if you get a roof installed by us, we will help you through your entire manufacturer claim. For the most part, we can just take care of it ourselves. We deal with them so you don’t have to.

If you have questions about your manufacturer warranty, you can always reach out to us at Roof Life of Oregon.


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