At Roof Life of Oregon we believe in having layers of life, cake, and sandwiches, but not with roofs. Two layered roofs are unfortunately a common theme around the Greater Portland Area. Today, Daniel White will explain and show us the problem with putting a presidential roof over a cedar shake roof.


Today we’re in Lake Oswego to give an estimate for a roof. The thing is this roof shouldn’t need to be replaced; let me show you something. This looks like a nice presidential roof, but what you can’t see is there’s a shake roof under this roof. The contractor instead of tearing off the shakes, and putting down plywood and then paper, took his presidential and went right over the shakes. This roof is probably anywhere between five and ten years old and needs to be replaced because it’s leaking and has multiple issues. One of the things I noticed right off is that’s the old pipe flashing; it’s a lead pipe flashing, I love these things they last forever, but this is from the shake roof. See this below it, it’s a no caulk. They left the old pipe flashing on, slipped this no caulk over the top of it, so there are two different pipe flashings over the same roof. You can see there’s a little bit of caulking there? That’s because there’s been a little bit of leaking because that’s the wrong what to do that. The next thing we noticed is ventilation. One, two, that’s it. One, two, that other one over there is actually a bathroom fan you can see by the way that it’s lower; same with that one it’s a bathroom fan. Not even close. Without even measuring it yet, this roof needed at least another five maybe six more vents.

If you have multiple roof layers over your home consider having Roof Life of Oregon inspect to make sure component failure and leaks aren’t on your horizon. Call us at (503) 925-0125 or fill out one of our roof estimate forms. Visit our blog again Wednesday when Daniel shows us several problems with the roofing components on this two layered roof.

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