On Monday, Daniel White showed us a two layered roof, a presidential over a shake, that now needs to be replaced. Today, Daniel shows us several problems with the roofing components on this two layered roof.


Here are the problems with taking a presidential roof and going right over the top of a cedar shake roof, actually doing anything, if you add extra layers to any roof you have this problem. See this siding? This is absolutely incorrect. You can see they actually did put the metal flashings up under here, if we go down here you can see the metal under here. The problem is these shingles are supposed to be with flashing under the siding. This siding is supposed to be cut back that way the shingles are underneath. Right now what happens is the water runs down here, goes down into here, and starts to get into this wood, starts to rot this wood. This is wood is starting to rot on the edges because the water is sitting on the wood. This wood needs to be cut back. If the shakes weren’t actually here you probably wouldn’t need it because we have another inch of play once we take all these layers off the siding should be on top of it, which is the way it was originally designed. Another problem is when they re-roofed it they didn’t extend the flashing past. There should be a piece of metal that extends all the way from here to the other side and right now it’s not doing that. The water is burying in behind this metal you can actually see it’s starting to rot the siding.

Failing roof components is a sign of potentially major roof problems. Don’t let your roof get to the point of no-return like this homeowner did. Contact Roof Life of Oregon at (503) 925-0125 or by filling out one of our roof estimate forms.

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